RAMA will be filmed over 3 different seasons: Summer, fall & winter.

Principal photography begins in October 2019, which gives us a bit of time to get the cast assembled, sets built, and locations locked. It also gives us time to start churning out some behind-the-scenes content right away. We want to keep our audience in the loop as we go through casting & set construction, as well as camera & effects tests. That means vlogs, pictures, events, etc. Anything and everything to keep people interested and engaged as they go on this journey with us.

Action shot.JPG

Our second round of filming is in March 2020, where we film the opening of the movie in a winter landscape. That will give us a few months between sections, giving us time to build new sets, props, etc. By then the cast & crew should be a well-oiled machine, and we can make the beginning of this film as eye-popping and dynamic as possible.

And our final round of filming will be in June 2020, where we film the end of the movie in lush green fields & forests. We leave this section for the end to give us the maximum amount of time to explore this world through our sets, characters & visual style. The end of the film will be the culmination of all the work we've done up to that point, giving us the experience needed to help us end on a high note.


With those 3 seasons in mind, we don't need to raise the entire budget for the film all at once. We're looking to raise $45,000 in total to make this movie, but we only need to raise $15,000 per section, and this makes our fundraising challenge significantly easier.

In addition to helping with our fundraising obstacle, the 3 seasons of filming will give us more time to spread the word about this film, and gather a larger audience as we move through production. This promises to not only give us a head start on each round of fundraising, but will also help us develop a built-in audience for the finished film.

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