We're a small production company from winnipeg...and we're trying to make a big movie


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Meredith Rose: 


At just 14 years of age, Meredith has already racked up more acting credits than most actors twice her age. She's strong and wise beyond her years, and is the perfect person to lead this cast of all-star actors.


Corey Rademaker: 'Cal'

Corey's a boss. He's handsome, smart, and funny, and he is truly dedicated to his craft. Corey provides the perfect compliment to Meredith in this film.



Paul Plett: 


Paul's been making movies since the 7th grade, and has been doing it professionally for the last 10 years. After finishing 2 sci-fi shorts (Scab & Pisces), Paul is excited to sink his teeth into a sci-fi feature.

12 - Master of light.JPG

Andrew Luczenczyn: Cam


Andrew is absolutely a master of light & lenses. He was the cinematographer for Scab & Pisces, and he's looking forward to expanding on the style he established in those films in Rama.

11 - Master of models.JPG

Erik Fjeldsted: 


Erik is a master of models & sets. He built all the spaceships & sets in Pisces, and he's the best person to be heading up the Production Design for Rama.


Emily Wilson: 


Emily is an absolute genius. She was the Key Makeup Artist for Pisces, and she's psyched to get to work on Rama!

We are absolutely committed to getting this movie made. And we want you to be a part of our story.

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