A girl named Lex is infected with a deadly virus, and must assemble a ragtag group of strangers to help her cross a post-apocalyptic landscape in order to find the cure.

This is a sci-fi movie, in the vein of Firefly, Mad Max & Blade Runner.

It's a story about this group of strangers who kind of stumble into this perilous situation, and they've got to get along with each other if they're going to survive. So all kinds of issues come bubbling to the surface throughout the course of the movie...and at the centre of it all is Lex, this girl who's changing and mutating as the virus takes over her body.

Lex Close Up 1.jpg

This is definitely a passion project for the entire cast & crew. We're a small production company from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we're trying to make a big movie. We've already made 2 short films that take place in the same universe as Rama.

Scab tells the story of how Lex met one of her companions:

And Pisces introduces a spaceship that plays a big role in Rama:

Pisces 2.jpg

So after making these 2 short films, we're ready to take on something a little bigger. And that's where we're gonna need some help. In order to make a film like this, we need costumes, props & sets.

We want to film as much of this movie as we can in camera. We want it to look and feel like a real, lived in world. And in order to do that, we've got to make a lot of this stuff for real. And costumes, props & sets cost money.

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And that's where you come in. You see, we're trying to raise the money to get this project off the ground, and every little bit helps. If you'd like to support this project, click here.

If you don't have any money, no worries. Please feel free to spread the word, and let's get this movie made!

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